Mr. Adewola Victor.F ( B.Sc., M.Sc.) is the college fourth director of studies ( 2017- till date). He is a born again child of God with spirit of humility and fear of God. As the director of studies, he is responsible for providing leadership for the academic administration of the college which includes: Coordination of academic works, Preparation of academic calendar and timetables. Coordination of in course test and examination. Responsibilities also involve supervision and monitoring of lecturers, preparation of semester class schedule, and constituting various faculty committees. Compilation and computation of results, Computation of Students’ Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and preparation of graduation list. Overseeing and coordinating of students’ Health Talks, Clinical Postings, Seminar and Project Work. He also oversees the coordination of entrance examination and interview of prospective students.

He is the secretary of the College Management Board, the Vice Chairman, Academic Board; Chairman, student Disciplinary Committee. Mr.  Adewola Victor. F is a multi-talented man ranging from social to spiritual. He is a motivational speaker, event planner, and has performed in many occasions as master of ceremony.

Pilar college of Health Technology (PILCOHET) is a place to be for candidate who have greatness, success, excellent, and destiny fulfillment as a goal. Consider yourself lucky if you have been offered an admission into PILCOHET. Academically, spiritually, and morally, you shall be thought Godliness, competency, and integrity respectively.

I dare challenge you to be ready for serious work as you shall face heavy academic work load each semester. You are welcome to Pilcohet, the citadel of learning, where Godly and competent Health workers are trained.

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