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Pilar college of Health Technology is a private tertiary health training institution established for the training of Godly and competent Health workers for Nigeria Health sector. The college which was formerly called Life Builders College of Health Technology, took off in September 2013 and got its name changed to Pilar College of Health Technology (PILCOHET) in September 2019 owning to the quest to stand as an entity. In February 4, 2019, the college moved from the temporary campus situated at 91, Igbusi Road, Igbusi,Ifo Local Government Area, Ogun state, to her permanent site, located at 43/49 Lamina Ganiyu street, opposite bale house, Alakuko Lagos.
The college which was founded by a visionary and missionary leader, Dr. Emmanuel.T. Oluwayemi, got her affiliation with the Oyo State College of Health Science and Technology, Eleyele, Ibadan in 2016 with the aim of producing qualified and government certified graduates.
In February 2020, the college was given approval to operate as a tertiary institution by Lagos State government. This making PILCOHET to be the second private College of Health Technology in Lagos State.

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• After quality and not just quantity.
• Surrounded with Godly and people of integrity
• Having strong connection with highly qualified lecturers both home and abroad (USA)
• Fully equipped with demonstration materials for practical and comprehensive learning.
• A college with well developed curriculum at high and international standards.
• Highly connected with reputable health facilities both federal and state for the purpose of quality practical and clinical based experience for students.
• Located in a secured and serene environment that encourages learning and assimilation.
• Structurally outstanding, with all kinds of sport facilities, as well as standard laboratory and affordable hostel accommodation.
• Currently affiliated with health training institution in United State of America.
• Standard and comfortable transportation system for staff and students.

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